• Into a NEW LIGHT


    Into a NEW LIGHT

    Every new moon it is an opportunity to leave behind what no longer serves – this one is an interesting on – the hunters moon – also the eclipse and much more.

    So what have we been hunting for ??? Concsicously and unconsciously???? Or have you been haunted?

    This is time to become aware of the programs and patterns we have carried for so long a time of unlearning –  a time of surrendering.

    It became clear to me today that we easily get trapped desiring what we perceive others have – and we dont. From the better body, to the straighter nose, more fitness, more health, nicer car, great house, amazing career – it is so easy to fall into the trap of measuring ourselves and judging ourselves with others measures. A range of emotions can crop up like

    I am not good enough

    I am a failure

    I am envious

    I dont have enough

    life is not fair and you know that list could carry on forever – so here is the question for your NEW MOON and the hunter

    What is it in your life that you can be grateful for, you are taking for granted?  Why are you measuring and judging yourself against others?

    Yes we are slaves to programs of how we think things need to be, life, security, money, career – and yet is that in alignment with your path??

    The choices you have made to be here in this life? Is that congruent with your Heart? Living from the Heart – and remember the heart has brain cell’s it is intelligent is the highest purpose, quest and mission of all – for the highest purpose in Ayni (sacred reciprical relationship with all there is)

    So – when are we ready to truly step out of old concepts, programs and patterns – this hunter moon is a great opportunity.

    To look at yourself – your judgement of self,  your picture of self, your love for self, your mindfulness for self (on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, in your soul in your heart and in energy and light body), your trust in self.

    Yes, you have come here for a reason – a reason that you have chosen and accepted – its time to step in to Your True Essence, living you dreams and thrive gracefully

    this Full Moon, the Mercury Retrograde and the Eclypse are a wonderful opportunity to shed the shin of the hunter and just BE – in harmony and bliss with WholeLife.

    I am inviting you on your journey of graceful Thriving – a little bit more every day – let the moon be your guide and friend on the path and every other constellation the universe provides

    A message from the Heart to enable mystically blissful experiences and graceful thriving



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